Product Marketing Platform for Cannabis
Brands and Sales Brokers

Access to 3,000+ Stores

Effortlessly Launch and Scale Your Product Marketing and Sampling Programs.

Advertising to Retail Decision Makers in the retailer’s Point-of-Sale.

Exclusive access for brands to target retail decision-makers within the
Point-of-Sale system virtually across all Canadian cannabis retail stores.


Our Point of Sale Partners

Our point of sale partners help us provide the most comprehensive market coverage of any direct to cannabis retail platforms.

Greenline Techpos Cova

Key Features

Promote Samples

Highlight products available for retail sampling. Allow purchasing managers and budtenders to experience your products before making stocking decisions.

Upcoming Drops

Build excitement for product launches and allow retailers to express purchase interest through our 'I’m Interested' call-to-action, generating validated leads for brands and sales teams.


Increased Distribution
and Sell-through

Expand your product distribution network, and improve sell-through at existing stores through targeted product education and sampling campaigns.

Retailer Product Education

Educate retailers about your products, enabling them to make informed decisions and effectively promote your brand to consumers.

Scalable Communication for Sales Reps & Brokers

Establish direct communication with retailers en masse, streamlining the communication process to generate retailer interest and collect validated retail leads.

Enhanced Visibility

Elevate your brand's visibility by showcasing products directly within retailers' POS systems, enhancing recognition and retail-level share-of-voice.

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